Sunday, August 25, 2013


Presentation day is finally here! It was scary at first but when you start talking all your fear goes away! Everyone's presentation was awesome and was followed by free lunch! I can't believe it is over. I am going to miss everyone so much!! Hopefully, we all will keep in touch. I feel well accomplished and hope to continue researching subliminal messages. I have enjoyed learning about eye, psychology, eye tracking and more. It is axing what I have learned and done in such a short time frame! I could imagine the things I could do here, if I could stay longer


For these two days, we primarily practiced a lot and made final changes! Of course, there had to be technical difficulties last minute with the Mac to PC conversion. The videos we used were acting werid!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Big day today with our practice presentation! Mia and I were extremely nervous. So, we decided to practice all morning non-stop. I personally think it was a smart move on our part. It was not as bad as I thought it would be! It was a lot of fun and extremely helpful. Everyone was nice to us and supportive which was good. Also, the questions were not as hard as we thought they would be! Unfortunately, we have a lot of changes to make to our presentation. It will benefit  us but there is not too much time left to make these "minor" edits! I had my part of the speech mastered, but I guess not anymore. There are a lot of changes and not much time. We have to make and be able to present all the changes tomorrow, at another practice presentation at 1:00. Although, this time we won't be as nervous. Surprisingly, it did take a whole 2 hours for them to critique us. After that, we just worked on making the changes.


We are extremely nervous for tomorrow. We heard that the MVRL Lab's practice presentation is a tough one to get by. They have allotted a whole two hours for us! Just hearing all those horrible things about the practice talk. We decided to make edits to our powerpoint to make it look cleaner. Additionally, we practiced multiple times throughout the day, to make sure we are ready.


Practice makes perfect! That is exactly what we did today. We finished our powerpoint and practiced a lot of times together. We are around 18 minutes which means we are in good shape. Also, we played badminton at the BBQ, it was a lot of fun! It was sadly, our last BBQ together. I can't believe next week is our last week here.

Friday, August 16, 2013


We finished our presentation speech and made the graphs for our powerpoint. Afterwards, we had Ciecly read our powerpoint since she was an intern two years ago. She had a lot of helpful edits to make to our presentation speech. Those edits took basically the whole afternoon.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Presentations are close! I feel the pressure and time constraint building up. Today, Mia and I worked on our presentation speech. We are almost done, we need to do some analyzing of our data. That way we can finish up our presentation. So, we are almost done. Tomorrow, we plan to work on our powerpoint. We should be all set by Friday. How exciting??? And, then it is all practice.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today was an exciting day! We went to the Mees Observatory. But, before that we went to Mendon Ponds Park. At the observatory, we got to see meteorite showers. As well as, some double stars. In addition, we got to see a little of Saturn's Rings which were surprisingly clear. It was a fun night.


Today we finished the last of our experimentation. Also, today was take your friend to work day which was super fun! We got to visit everyone's lab during the day and learn a lot more. We also had our Friday BBQ, but it was we sat inside. It was not much of a BBQ.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


More experimentation...... We got a lot of emails for participants which is really exciting! Unfortunately, we could not fit them all in this week and we are only experimenting this week:(. However, we have 28 test subjects! Our results don't look too great at the moment but isn't that what research is about? So, I am not too disappointed but still disappointed at the same time...if that makes sense?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So, today we got to meet Judy the reporter. She was here to write an article on what public school students were doing! Pretty much, we worked on testing subjects for our experiments. We got around 20 people in total for our experiment. It was a little annoying because our test subjects we didn't know well. So, when they forget and we tried looking for them.........let's just say it was not fun. People can be so uncooperative sometimes! Also, Bob tried to help us find test subjects by sending out an email. So far, it has been a half and hour and we have got so many responses! Hopefully, they are free when we are.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Testing, testing, and testing is what we basically did today! Our results are not looking so great right now. Hopefully, our results will be favorable with more test subjects. Also, we went around the building looking for more test subjects. I realized that nobody is willing to spare 5 minutes for our experiments! Right now, with all the people we have booked....we have around 25 test subjects! Our goal is to get 30 people. In addition, Mia and I got a chance to participate in a Insight Lab study. We played around with different learning technologies that could potentially be used in a classroom. It was really interesting to see what they were able to develop! That was basically my day....


In the morning we worked on putting the final touches on our experiment. Sadly, the videos did not work properly at the last minute. Thus, we had to delay the testing. However, we fixed it by 2:30! We got lots of interns to come in! That is great progress, since we are on a time crunch for testing. So far, our results are somewhat decent.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Our videos are a pain! But the good news is we are finally finished with them! We have a couple of tweaks to our experiment but hopefully it should not take too long. We got the approval from Jeff to start testing people on Monday which is super exciting. Especially since Mia and I are not here tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jeff and Susan are not going to be here next week. So, this a crucial milestone we have achieved. Monday we will be finalizing the experiment and testing some of the interns in the afternoon!


Today was a crazy day! We worked super hard on getting the videos finished! Too many opinions and comments that are confusing us. I don't know if our experiment will come out with good results. That is how Mia and I feel currently....disappointed. That is what we did today! We were suppose to meet Jeff but he did not show up:( But on the bright side we finished the videos which is a big accomplishment.