Monday, July 22, 2013


We got a lot of work done today! We first did a test-run of our experiment on Jeff with Susan watching us for feedback! The feedback allowed us to make some changes to our directions and question sheet. This basically took up the whole morning. Afterwards, we went our BBQ! It was honestly too hot to do anything outside. When we came back from lunch we prepared our experiment for Sara and worked on a revised t-shirt design since we can't use Phineas and Ferb on our T-shirts! We were able to conduct our experiment on 3 interns today. It was really interesting and fun to actually run the experiment today! I look forward to continuing on the experiment. I really hope the results show that the hypothesis is true! Unfortunately, we could only perform the experiment on 3 people since I had to leave early because I'm going to Virginia and Washington D.C. for the weekend! I'm excited except for the 10 hour car ride....

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