Thursday, July 25, 2013


Our favorite agenda of the day.... Brainstorming! As usual, we spent the morning brainstorming and we also tested another subject. Afterwards, we went around with our survey and achieved a little bit of our goal with the survey! That is exciting. We also learned how to set up the experiment in BeGaze in order for it to be exported to a txt file that will later be converted into an excel file. I gotta say its a little tedious but much better than the wearable eye tracker. We also wanted feedback from Jeff about our research ideas. But, as usual we cannot find him as of now. Hopefully, we can talk to him today or tomorrow at the latest because we want to actually start up on the experiment designing next week which will be fun and interesting!

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  1. Commenting on blogs is fun isn't it? Especially when you have nothing to do! :)