Monday, July 22, 2013


Today was a pretty slow day... No one showed up today:( It was just Mia and I in the lab. So, we researched our ideas a little bit more and wanted to run them by Jeff and Susan because we needed to get the ideas approved for our abstract that is due Wednesday but that did not happen since no one was here today. We finally talked to Preethi about what we could do because we ran out of things to do. She showed the wearable eye trackers and how to use them. They are much cooler than the SMI's! We played around with them and had Sara walk around the building with it on. Afterwards, Robert came in to do his experiment. Lastly, we finally got introduced to Yarbus! The fun application that goes with the wearable eye-trackers! It is a little tedious with clicking the points on the pupil and cornea but I thought it was exciting. Unfortunately, the video was bad accordingly to Yarbus. Thus, we could not calibrate it properly. That is our task for tomorrow!

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